Resin Bound


Here at National Surfacing we provide beautiful and practical resin bound driveways for residential properties. Resin Bound really is the modern day choice for homeowners who want a practical and aesthetically pleasing driveway. These driveways come in a range of colours that can really enhance the exterior of your property.

There are so many reasons why a resin bound surface is well suited to the residential driveway. It really is a good alternative if you want a change from tarmac.

A stable surface

This type of material provides a permeable surface that is constructed from a mixture of aggregate that has been mixed with resin. What this produces is a stable and solid surface that can withstand traffic and multiple vehicles.

Stands the test of time

If you want your driveway to withstand the test of time, then you can’t go far wrong with a resin bound surface. A driveway that is maintained well and has been properly installed could last the test of time. It’s hard wearing, durable and an incredibly cost-effective material. Coupled with this is the fact that it costs very little to maintain, saving you even more money. The resin bound driveway will not melt in the heat of the sun, nor will it crack in freezing temperatures.

No risk of flooding

You don’t want large puddles of water forming on your driveway. Resin Bound surfaces provide you with a naturally draining, permeable material. This means that any rainwater will simply filter through the surface, preventing any standing water. As the driveway is permeable, this also helps to prevent any build up of oil or impurities from the water.

Say goodbye to those loose stones

One major reason that many homeowners choose a resin bound driveway is that there are no more loose stones. It’s well known that stones on the driveway can scratch and damage the bodywork of your car. The resin bound driveway is smooth, making it ideal for walking upon, or if you are a wheelchair user.

Aesthetically pleasing

Your driveway will look stunning. It’s smooth, decorative and can create a real statement for any style of property. The real beauty of the resin bound driveway is that it can be completely personalised. You can choose from a range of colours and finishes. A resin bound driveway can really help to add value to your property. 

Low maintenance

If you want your driveway to be easy to clean and maintain, then resin bound is the obvious choice, as it’s incredibly low maintenance, perfect for those leading busy lives.

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